Prairie Center Park - Hole 13 Olathe, KS
Hole 13 Details

Public Par: 4
Pro Par: 3
Distance: 420 Ft.
  520 Ft.

Description: The second in the trilogy of wide open fairways. Also the longest hole on the course. Usually takes a couple drives to get to the basket. Just don't let the wind take your disc to the right, or you'll be snorkeling for it.

Suggested Disc
DGA XL-Superdrive
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13 ratings
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Hole 13 Updates

24 Aug 2006
The tee is very near the baskets for the new hole 12. the basket is all the way in the (southwest) corner of the field.
18 Aug 2004
There is a new pin placement over by the water.
Submitted by: Unkraut

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